About The School

In 1974, the historic, 12-room Doyle School was closed to be future endeavored as a building with Flint Community Schools that would embrace tradition yet add a modern image of a school enviornment back into the community. The physical fruit of the four year planning and development process for Flint Community Schools was the Doyle/Ryder Community Education Center, dedicated on November 24, 1981. The building combines three distinct visual elements:

  •  a revived old schoolhouse, rich in craftsmanship and fanciful forms.

  • a sleek and straightforward new classroom structure containing a variety of learning spaces.

  • a crystalline atrium, sympathetic in form to old and new, providing a spirited focus for schooling and    community activities.

The 67,000 square foot building, constructed for $5.5 million (1981) including furnishings, equipment, and indoor planning, is designed to serve a potential population of 650.

The ultimate goal is to be a place that helps people discover the joy of learning and the richness of community experience- to be a special container that exemplifies the idea of community education.

-Taken from the body of work adopted by Flint Community Schools, in conjunction with Erickson & Lindstrom Construction Company and the Hodne/Stageberg Partners Architectural Company

Today, Doyle/Ryder Elementary is known as a school founded on educational excellence for students. As we build the school to meet these expectations held by the community over a long span of history, we are looking to embrace the true essence of the school as a community of learners with the right focus; academics. While school is a place where students learn more than just academic lessons, there is an inherent value in ensuring that the right work is being done by all of us. Because of this, the vision statement is founded on key principles related to learners and learning so that the driving message behind it embraces education. While we are working towards meeting and exceeding these goals, Doyle/Ryder is forging its way into the 21st Century to build students as leaders of learning to ensure that all of the students who attend Doyle/Ryder will be afforded the opportunity to be problem-solvers and innovators in the professional workplace within the next decade. Such programs which Doyle/Ryder has participated in include Hour of Code, Title I Intervention in Math and ELA, LLI, PBIS, and Study Island. Through various partnerships, Doyle/Ryder has also been able to participate in Crim Fitness clubs (PE-Nut, Mindfulness), YouthQuest after school programs, programs offered in partnership with Cranbrook Institute of Science, programs offered in partnership with the Flint Public Library, various functions through an on-site Department of Health and Human Services office, and the Flint Police Officer's League.

In 2015-2016, Doyle/Ryder was fortunate to begin a 3-year supportive partnership with Michigan State University's Wharton Center to offer Disney Musicals through a grant-funded opportunity. In 2016-2017, Doyle/Ryder will begin a new partnership with the Crim Foundation for the installation of a Community Schools program that will be housed at Doyle/Ryder Elementary. This program will offer to students after-school activities, family enrichment events, community-wide partnerships and opportunities, and a competitive athletics program for students who have reached a certain grade level.